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Christmas in Bayou Country!

Joyeux Nol
Bayou townscan be foundall over the State of Louisiana! They are not
just located in the geographicalarea of South Louisiana known as
"Cajun Country," as all of Louisiana is not Cajun.
Children in the bayou towns of Louisiana are filled with anticipation as the
Christmas season begins, very much the same as thechildren all over the
country. It's a little different, however,in those bayou towns as Santa
doesn'tarrive the usual, customaryway. Hecomes to townat duskby boat
traveling along thechilly waters ofthe blue bayous. His boat, all lit up with
Christmas lights and decorations, is something to behold!
Families gather along the shores near the docks and sing their favorite old
Christmas carols as Santa makes his way up the winding bayous. Excitement
fills the air as the lights from his boat are spotted offin the distance. When he
finally docks,there is an elaborately decorated,community-built float, or
sometimesjust a simpledecorated truck, to take him tohis centraldestination
where he greets all the boys and girls and giveseach onea little gift to help
starttheir Christmas holidays with a BANG!
His trip to towndoesn't stop there! Before hewindsdownhis night, hevisits
nearby hospitals and nursing homes, as families and children continue their
celebration of this joyous annual event well into the night! It's not complete
without Good LouisianaFood, Music, and Dancing!

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Christmas mornis much the same herein the bayou townsas
children awakenat the crack of dawn to findtheir giftsSanta
has left the night before.
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Indian Bayou United Methodist Chuch Saint Martin of Tours Roman Catholic Church
Indian Bayou United Methodist Church
Indian Bayou, LA
(December 1997)
Saint Martin of Tours Roman Catholic Church
Founded in 1795
Mother Church of the Acadians
St. Martinville, LA
(December 1997)

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