Collection of Old Postcards

As a result of collections of old postcards, many places can still be seen today,
as well as documented, which was almost impossible due to the lack of photographs
taken in earlier years. Photographs simply were not as plentiful as they are now. I
originally began this collection of old postcards as a research project in an effort to
capture places and landmarks in South Louisiana as they were in years past, as
well as those reminiscent of a by-gone era. I know many of you will have very fond
memories of some of these places. Enjoy just a part of what has grown into a
"pictorial history" collection of the Deep South of Louisiana!

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New Orleans

New Orleans
Era: 1938 Curt Teich
Description: Excursion Steamer on Mississippi
River en Route to New Orleans, La.
From as far west as Idaho and as far east as
Pennsylvania the Mississippi River and its tributaries flow down
the Valley to New Orleans. Carrying every drop of water that
flows down two-thirds of the continent, the Mississippi River, with
its banks lined with countless trees, is flanked at New Orleans by
many miles of wharves which makes the City the second port of
the United States in value of foreign commerce.
Publisher: Curt Teich, Chicago

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The French Quarter

French Quarter
Era: 1937 Curt Teich
Description: Lacework in Iron, French Quarter,
New Orleans, La.
One of the finest examples
of ironwork to be found in the French Quarter
is this balcony. Note the intricacy of the design.
In the distance can be seen the spires of the Old
St. Louis Cathedral.
Publisher: Curt Teich, Chicago

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Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras
Era: 1947 Curt Teich
Description: Mardi Gras Float from the Realms of Phantasy
The merriment of Mardi Gras at New Orleans
reaches its crescendo in the street pageants presented by
the various Carnival Organizations. Momus, the Greek God
of mockery and censure, is the first of the major processions,
and is followed by Hermes, King Nor, Proteus, Rex and Comus.
Mardi Gras day presents a spectacle of miles of glittering
floats with thousands of people lining the streets.
Publisher: Curt Teich, Chicago

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St. Charles Avenue and Vicinity

St. Charles Avenue and Vicinity
Era: 1930-1944
Description: St. Charles Avenue Showing Gigantic
Live Oaks New Orleans, La
St. Charles Avenue, because of the abundance,
variety, and sizes of its trees, is described by tourists as one
of the most charming residential avenues in the country. The
avenue is 5 miles long, and along both sides are the beautiful
homes of the city's well-to-do.
Publisher: E.C. Kropp Co., Milwaukee

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Audubon Park

Audubon Park
Era: 1937 Curt Teich
Description: Sea Lion Pool and Fountain "Hygeia",
Audubon Park, New Orleans, La.
The Odenheimer Sea Lion Pool and fountain were
a gift to Audubon Park by Sigmund Odenheimer. The Sea Lion
Pool was erected in 1928 and the fountain in 1930. The Sea
Lion Pool is one of the large attractions in Audubon Park and
is visited daily by large crowds.
Publisher: Curt Teich, Chicago

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New Orleans City Park

New Orleans City Park
Era: 1938 Curt Teich
Description: Scene in City Park, New Orleans, La.
This park is noted for its beautiful shrubbery
and tropical plants, lagoons; its recreation center consists of
tennis courts, baseball fields, and a stadium seating 48,000,
boating, swimming, golf, and is one of the interesting places
visited daily by thousands of visitors.
Publisher: Curt Teich, Chicago

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Pontchartrain Beach

Pontchartrain Beach in New Orleans
was ALIVE and FUN
from 1928-1983!

Remember that old familiar jingle below?

At the Beach... At the Beach...
At Pontchartrain Beach.
You'll have fun, you'll have fun
every day of the week!
You'll love the thrilling rides,
laugh till you split your sides,
at... Pontchartrain Beach!

Pontchartrain Beach
Era: 1930-1944
Description: Pontchartrain Beach Amusement Park
New Orleans, La.
Lake Pontchartrain is a salt water arm of the
Gulf of Mexico. Its newly created beach center is reached
by a beautiful scenic driveway. Here boating, bathing, and
fishing are popular sports. It is a recreational area which
entertains thousands of visitors.
Publisher: E. C. Kropp Co., Milwaukee, Wis

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Lake Pontchartrain and North Shore

Lake Pontchartrain and Northshore
Era: 1930-1944
Postmark: 1938
Description: Pontchartrain Bridge, New Orleans, La.
The New $5,500,00 Pontchartrain Bridge spans Lake
Pontchartrain from Point Aux Herbes, south of New Orleans to
Slidell on the north shore. The bridge, with its approaches, is the
longest of its kind in the country. The actual span, entirely of
concrete, is more than 5 miles in length and offers a chance for a
beautiful cool drive over the waters of Lake Pontchartrain. It brings
New Orleans subsequently closer to the North and East.
Publisher: E. C. Kropp Co., Milwaukee, Wis.

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Neighborhood Landmark Restaurants

Neighborhood Landmark Restaurants
Era: 1930-1944
Description: Maylie's Restaurant
Poydras, Corner Dryades
Insert shows 50 year old Wisteria vine, growing from inside
of Restaurant. Below, shows same vine in bloom on front
balcony. Maylie's Restaurant, New Orleans, La., Est. 1876
Maylie and Esparbe, Inc. New Orleans.
Established in 1876, this old French eating place has
become a New Orleans institution. It was founded,
and is still operated by the same family.
Publisher: B.K. Colored Post Cards, Skinner & Kennedy Co.,
St. Louis, Missouri

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South Louisiana

South Louisiana
Era: 1930-1944
Description: Greetings from Louisiana
Publisher: "Colourpicture" Publication

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The South
(Close by, favorite getaways for the people of South Louisiana)

The South
Era: 1958 Curt Teich
Description: Rosalie, Built 1820
Natchez, Mississippi
The scene of many historic events. Its grounds include the site
of Old Fort Rosalie of French and Indian days, where the bloody
massacre of 1729 took place. Headquarters for General Grant
during the occupation of Natchez. Table where Jefferson Davis
dined is in use today. State Shrine Miss.
Society Daughters of the American Revolution.
Publisher: Curt Teich, Chicago

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Postcard Eras

Below is an organized list of Postcard Eras which is
used as a good "rule of thumb" to date the publication
periods of postcards. I have used this table with
categorizing my Collection of Old Postcards. The era
dates pertain to "publication periods," as many
postcards were postmarked and continued to circulate
beyond their publication eras.

Pioneer Era
Private Mailing Card Era
Post Card Era (Undivided Back)
Divided-Back Era
White bordered Era
Linen Era
Chrome Era/Modern
Golden Age of Postcards (Collecting Eras)
Very Old
Real Photo Post Cards



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